the one with the shoes

I love shoes.
A lot.
But I have unfashionable feet.
Shoes that are sexy & sweet just don't fit.

I'm okay with that, though. I own some cool & funky shoes, but none of these are high heeled or narrow toed. No, my shoes are made for walking, perhaps a little dancing, and more to the point - for wide feet.
I dream of having custom shoes made to fit my awkward toes (long story short: I repeatedly broke a baby toe in my teens, resulting in it being surgically re-attached; also, I have webbed toes ... don't you wish I didn't share so much?).

Etsy.com has a surprising amount of designers who make shoes. I knew about Darlingtonia's moccasins because I'm a fan of designer Katie's blog. I knew about The Generation because I've wanted to order a pair of their shoes for a year now (I know, I should get on that, huh?). The rest of the shops I refer to here are new to me and I am already a little bit in love with their shoes. I even made sure to include the men out there by sharing Wassookeag Mocassins in the photo collage above. :)

And then I found the following two pairs of boots. Swoon:

the Lois Lane boot by The Shoe Story

the Scrunch Boots by Spiro Creations

~wannabe-shoe-whore Caren


  1. The Scrunch Boots are adorable! The yellow ones have stolen my heart :)

  2. the shoes with the apples on them are darling!

  3. Nice Moccasins! Here's more from Wassookeag Moccasins: http://www.wassookeagmoccasins.com/categories/Bullhide-Moccasins/


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