Say Cheese! (snap!)

I am getting back into the swing of things with The Vintage Apartment.
Having fun photo shoots with all the little items that want to be added to the shop.
The bear above was the most fun to shoot - he is full of energy, that fierce Russian bear!

a double decker delight of orange organization!
The photo also showcases my 2 favourite magazines (Worn Journal & Uppercase)

I love little things, and these packages of Little Forks and little Butter Knives are fit for cute use!

As usual, Grace wanted to "help" with photographing items.
Here she is setting up the orange 2 tier in/out bin for photographic fun:

My only wish is that I had more natural light ... as it is, I have to use my handy portable lighting source. Nothing can substitute sunlight, though. My camera doesn't do the best job with indoor lighting, so I find a lot of my shots are grainy.  
If anyone has any helpful tips for low-light indoor photographing, like camera settings or better lighting sources ... or even an affordable camera that is made for poor lighting conditions ... I'd love to hear your pointers!


  1. Yeah, artificial light sucks. I recommend getting a nice studio light, one that blends into your home without looking too photo studio. And then some developing with Photoshop helps.

    Grace is such a cute little helper. I want my Beatrice and Grace to meet so bad!

  2. I have the same exact problem!
    The natural lighting in my house is pretty awful and I usually only have time for baking at night so double whammy difficulties!

    In other news...your dog is ridiculously adorable!
    Does she also help you by walking on the computer as you try to type? My dogs sure do!


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