a slow loris being tickled

Just watch it. Laugh. Be mesmerized by the Cute.


Thank you Zoe for turning my attention to the Slow Loris.
This is thanks to a twitter conversation about zoos. I had to look up what a Slow Loris was, and this video smacked me in the head.

***updated with this post I just did on Tumblr about the reality of what's happened to this innocent wild creature, thanks to how cute they are (no fault of theirs, they were born that way).
~cute overloaded Caren


  1. Teehee! I love the look on his face when she stops tickling, he's like, '...why are you stopping...?' I'm glad I helped you smile on your grumpy no sleep morning. :)

  2. I seriously cannot stop watching this video!!
    Zoe, thank you for helping me become non-grumpy ... this slow loris is my go-to happy-maker from now on.

  3. no matter how many times I have watched this... it never gets old. Rosco watches it with me too.

  4. FACT: My Oma used to have a few of these little guys :)

  5. hahah, i haven't seen this video in aaaages. thanks for reminding me about it!


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