Solid Teak

The Solid Teak edition:

My mom showed me something totally extraordinary the other day - the original Imperial Furniture Solid Teak catalog in which she & my dad bought their awesome teak furniture from. Their first major home decor shopping they did after they were married in 1956.
I did a crazy swoon wahoo! when I got my hands on this piece of history; then promptly scanned every page.

Even more awesome? My mom still has the fabulous top deck shown below (with a larger version of the buffet pictured):

I have their teak arm chair & end table from this catalog. I love the fact that there's the original pricing written on the items my folks were interested in.

Even more surprising is the fact that years ago I spotted a gorgeous mid century teak sofa at our local Sally Ann & had to have it. I still have it (although for a short while it lived with my lovely neighbour for a while) and have been contemplating whether to sell it or get new cushions made. After seeing the exact same sofa in this catalog made the decision for me. This sofa was meant to be mine, and will continue to be! It has its original cushions & covers, which are in dire need of updating - both for comfort & decor's sake.

I am so tickled that I have a part of the original collection that my folks had (which I grew up with). Not only do I own the remaining arm chair & side table that my mom gave me, but the "Settee" that I thrifted as well! I already told my mom that she better not let her buffet leave her sight, 'cause I am so close to sneaking it away from her right now!

Truly teakified,
~ Caren


  1. Whoa. So freaky to see the couch like that! :D

  2. This is just awesome! It's the perfect vintage story :)

  3. I actually got googly eyes looking at these images!
    I think that cocktail table wants to come live with me.


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