Sunday Smile: the cat and the computer

I love it when Strongpaw wants to spend time with me at the computer. She hardly fits on my lap, making it a difficult working environment, but there's something about a soft bundle of kittyness that makes work time a little more lovely. Above reveals how Strongpaw likes to take over the computer desk, blocking my views and most often laying across my right arm (and being right handed, makes typing difficult). Of course, I do not fight the cat for computer supremacy, that would just be silly.

And for those who noticed, yes, there is a Yo Yo on my desk. It's fun to Yo Yo a little now & then. Bonus? It entertains the cat immensely.
~kitty head Caren
note: this Sunday Smile is brought to you late, but a smile is better late than never, oui?


  1. your cat looks just like my cat! http://www.flickr.com/photos/ohsweetie/1215478929/

    and he does that too. XO

  2. man oh man do i ever know this story! Rosco is 17 lbs of kitty love! & one of his favorite pastimes is to direct internet traffic whilst i am driving.

  3. She is gorgeous! I'd love to have a bloggy companion like that ... my dog is too big for my lap! ;)


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