Sunday Smile: Nanna the Wolf

Nanna Wolf in the Tulips

As soon as everyeskimo listed Nanna a wee winter wolf in her Etsy shop, I bought Nanna for my mom's birthday. Multiple reasons led me to this quick-response purchase: my mom is a grandmother, my mom's beloved cat who died last year was named Wolf, and my mom just started to knit again. You can see why this little wolf had to go to my mom, right?

When Nanna the Wolf was opened, where did she want to go? Hang out in the tulips and other spring bulbs blooming on my mom's kitchen table. Then a quick hop over to my pup Grace for a snuggle.

Nanna Wolf and Gracie Pup

Nanna has found a good home, and that makes me smile.
note: if you don't know what everyeskimo is, please do hop over to her blog and etsy shop. I visit both daily; I can't get enough of the eskimo!


  1. Such a charming little wolfersons! A wonderful present for a wolf mother!

    p.s. please tell Grace that I am a big fan and think she should be in every photo :)

  2. I think it's unclear is Nanna was meant for your Mom or your mom was meant for Nanna :)

  3. nanna is ADORABLE! What a sweet gift :)

  4. nanna & grace snuggling is too cute for words! so happy to see her in a happy home.


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