Sunday Smile: a poor man's latte

I am a big fan of the Poor Man's Latte. I don't have a lot of disposable income & I like lattes, so the obvious thing to do is make my own. Hence, the 'poor man's latte'. This is how I do it:

I use my sweet little orange vintage Turkish pot to heat up my milk/cream combo
(I like to add a titch of cream to make the froth that much more ... frothy)

Close up shot of my Turkish pot... isn't she sexy?

Sexier still is coffee beans. Like, woah.

I put honey in my milk.

Then I get frothy with it.


In goes the freshly brewed coffee.

Then, to top it all off, I put a squiggle of honey on top.

This is me at 7:00am this morning; barely alive but enjoying my frothy treat.

No idea why I was awake so early this morning, on a Sunday no less! I like to think of Sunday as the day of rest. But, I hardly slept a wink the previous night so decided to just get up & at 'em! Cleaned my kitchen prior to making a pot of coffee. Did some deep thinking after I drank some coffee.
Now I am back in bed because my dog Grace begged me to. She is currently curled up in her nest, which is under the covers and between my crossed legs. Silly pup, she doesn't realize that it's morning ... maybe I should make a doggy latte?
It's enough to make a girl smile.
~caffeinated Caren


  1. Oooh love a good latte, homemade's the best! :)

  2. This is great. I need to get myself one of those milk frothers :)

  3. thats a great way to do it. it reminds me of a cappuchino haha

  4. 1. i too woke up crazy early on this fine Sunday. (at 6:45)
    2. this is how i make my coffee everyday. only i don't have a sexy vintage turkish pot & I don't use honey & i shake cinnamon on top before i pour the coffee in
    3. you need a chemex! hehe

  5. Brilliant AND darling. Must find a little pot & fruthy spinner. Now you need a funky French bowl to drink it in. Thrift store time. :-)
    dahlila xo

  6. you are so awesome! <3 & that is the sexiest pot i've ever seen. i want one SOOO bad now :D


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