Sunday Smile: a very cozy Grace

Ain't she just such a Princess, that Grace pup of mine?
Actually, she is very much non-princessy, which I greatly appreciate. She doesn't like to be dressed up, nor carried about in a handbag, or have to be fed fancy foods. No, my Grace is more akin to a tomboy; running amok, getting dirty & getting her growl on.
Unless there's a soft blankie to be immersed within.
Then she's all kinds of Gabor (as in Zsa Zsa).

I loves my little snuggle pup. She makes me smile.

p.s. these photos were taken at my mom's place, around Christmastime. Grace knows who her "nanny" is, and where "nanny" keeps the Gracie treats. too terribly sweet!


  1. Gettin' her growl on! I love it! Grace is just so cute - I would want to carry and snuggle and cuddle her all the time! :)

  2. Aw, so cute! It's always great to see how people are so crazy about their little furry friends, like I am. They're my babies! :) I wish all pets had a 'mother' like you and me...



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