teatime : how it turned my frown upside down

Yesterday was rough. Mondays are usually the best of days for me. Monday means morning breakfast out with a dear friend, a ritual we started many years ago, which makes for the best start to a week. 
I look forward to Mondays like most people look forward to Friday.
But, yesterday was rough.
I'm still not feeling so good, and that's starting to take its toll on my cheery exterior.
Left over negativity from a very bad day that I had (well, let's just put the entire weekend in that statement) - from most of my baking supplies deciding to attack me (I can laugh about this now, but at the time I thought the world was ending) to being re-sick, to the worst thing of all - my puppydog Grace having had another epic grand mal seizure ... well, it was a weekend I will lovingly forget.
So, I looked forward to my Monday. My sweet Monday.
Except... it unfolded quite unkindly. Oh, I had moments of sweetness - the biggest being finally having my birthday dinner out with my mom (heavily delayed thanks to illness) which included a piece of cheesecake! - but somehow, the day of my Monday was full of negative happenstance.
All of this led to the decision to take control.
After a few choice (okay, more than a few) naughty words, which were uttered all the way to my car - and all the way back when I forgot to turn off my space heater and didn't remember until I was on my determined-to-make-my-day-better trek - I did turn it all around!
I turned the frown upside down!
By tea.
By the ceremony of tea.
And by the brand new glass kettle I picked up (because one of the things that occurred was the destruction of my old kettle). Watching the water boil in that glass kettle made me bubble with happiness!
This is the photographic journey representing my return to a peaceful me:

The above sweet-as-can-be mug? That was a thrift find that was part of my cheering up. Brightly coloured chickadees?! Oh yes please!
At the end of my teatime, I realized the mug had cracked all the way from its lip down to its middle. Instead of being sad about that fact, I immediately found a better use for that cheerful mug - as my desk utensil holder! Now I can lovingly look upon it every time I sit at my desk to create.
That, my friends, is how you turn a bad day into a good day. With tea.

~a never-gonna-bring-me-down Caren


  1. Aww I'm sorry your weekend was a bust. I'm glad it turned around for you. Hot liquids and bright colours are usually the best! I like your use for the mug as a pen holder. I never thought of that! I hope you have a better week!

  2. love your ability to turn it all around! why waste time being in a funk when there is so much to be cheered about?! ❤

    I have bunches of pencil glasses/cups/mugs that were previously favorite kitchenware. It's almost better getting to see them on my shelves & desk everyday!
    p.s. Rosco & I both send healing hugs to Grace! & one to SP just cause.

  3. Poor little Gracie - is she feeling better now?

    I always like to read a frown upside down story! I hope your next Monday is even brighter <3

  4. Isn't the transparent kettle a fun thing to watch? :) I do hope you have put all the awfulness of the weekend behind you now and that Gracie is alright now. Big hugs!

  5. Punk: I wish I kept some of my old banged up mugs to use as other-minded receptacles! Such a great way to use favourite objects in a useful & pretty way. :)

    Katie: Yes! Transparent is the way to go! :) I put away the bad stuff as soon as the kettle started to boil ... I think I need to learn to bake bread, as I think it would be another great way to soothe away stress.

    Gracie is feeling much better, too - took a couple of days for her to regain her spunky self, but she's back to being a nutbar!

  6. I'm so sorry to read about Gracie, I'm glad she's feeling better now. And sorry about all your crapiness! Well done at turning it around, maybe next time I'm down I should try some tea instead of moping in bed. :)

  7. @#$& yeah tea!

    (I think we all know how I feel about this.)

    <3 Lots of love, neighbour!


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