trying to be happy a lot of the time

New Zealand artist Sarah McNeil's 'Trying to be happy a lot of the time' really struck a cord with me. Both because of the title & the little bits of happiness she included in them. Things like a fox, a lamb, a blue jay, a butterfly, a ferret, a snowflake. The two pictured here are the Summer & the Winter bits of happiness:

Sarah's Etsy shop is going into Vacation mode til the end of March (so I apologize for teasing you), but you can visit her blog for some inspiration and updates! Be sure to check out her portfolio website, too. It's pretty.

It's an art form in itself, trying to be happy a lot of the time.
note: I just went to buy the Summer version of the above series, and it sold in the few moments that I had taken to make this blog post! Is that irony? Or just bad timing? ;)

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  1. Oh they do make me happy! They're such cute little cuties!


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