a vintage sunset

The sunset was glorious last night. I ran outside & snapped a quick shot & then did a series of photoshop filters to the photo to create this vintage feel. I should have thought to take out one of my lomo cameras to photograph the sight, but as usual, instant gratification took over.

That sunset was a precursor to a beautiful sunshiney day today. I woke up, went outside with my dog and heard chickadees - saw my red squirrel flying about - watched nuthatches flit up & down a tree. I love when a sunset dials in a sunrise of equal beauty.


  1. Gorgeous shot! (Plus, adoring the new header very muchly!)

  2. Sunsets are not my favorite time of the day because I hate the idea that day is coming to an end but beautiful pictures like these make remind me that they are lovely in their own sweet way :)

  3. this is gorgeous Caren! Absolutely stunning.

  4. A very pretty sunset, and wonderfully captured.


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