bling brooch, gingham apron & owls, oh my!

the bling-bling bird!

A dear friend, Karen, popped by today with a belated birthday gift full of awesomeness!
note: my birthday is in January, so she's been holding onto these goodies for quite a while!
She wrapped it up in a green gingham apron (I love gifts wrapped in a gift!) that is just so perfect, with cross stitched scenes of trees and happiness.

Inside the apron were three little birds (Karen knows me so well!):
  • first popped out the blingiest of all bling-bling brooches - a preening parrot whose shine is blinding! she was right, I do need a little bling in my life right now. It was so shiny in the photo above, hope you can see it okay!
  • next came the sweetest little smooth black owl with bright yellow eyes, all the way from Edmonton!
  • and lastly, the prettiest soapstone owl with big black eyes. she will go beautifully with my other little soapstone owl; a perfect pair!
Two little owls...

I swooned. I cooed. I was touched.

the gingham apron
the apron will be used this weekend, when I bake ... something! (cake? cookies? both?)

Owls sitting pretty
look at how cute these little guys look together!

Grace hogging the shot.
and, as per usual, Gracie had to get in on the action;
her tongue was probably up my nose in this shot.

This was such a lovely little bundle of happies. I hadn't seen Karen in so long, and the fact she also brought me gifties? Hello! I'll make sure to save some cake/cookies for her. :)


  1. What great gifts! Happy belated birthday!

    <3 nearsightedowl.com

  2. I love belated birthday gifts!!
    Especially belated-birdie-birthday gifts!!
    Oh & doggie kisses up yer nose!

  3. I am a wee bit jealous of your lovely owls! But I guess they are in a happy home, so happy late birthday, enjoy!

  4. That is soo sweet! What a great friend, and some darling gifts :)


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