First Day of Spring?

First Day of Spring?

This dapper little red breasted harbinger of Spring sat fluffed up on a very chilly First Day of Spring morning!
Ironic, isn't it?

First Day of Spring?

Puppydog Grace left her imprint all along the deck.
Yesterday, the deck was sun dried & cleared of anything resembling winter.
First Day of Spring happens, and BOOM! Snow.
Still, those are awful cute little paw prints to look at.

First Day of Spring?

The Robin took off just a second after I took this photo.
He realized his bum was getting frozen to the fence.

And that, my chickadees, is what the First Day of Spring looks like here in my little town in Ontario.
I don't mind it, though. I like that Mother Nature has a sense of humour. She's my kinda gal.


  1. Beautiful photos. I feel that way about Mother Nature here in Arizona. :) It hot most of the year...No seasons...but it's my home.

  2. boy oh boy I love your birdie shots!
    Actually... I love all of your photos.


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