Helping Japan, One Etsy Item at a Time.

This is a lovely way to raise funds for various Japan earthquake & tsunami relief organizations: via purchasing pretty things from Etsy.com. I am always amazed at the generousity of Etsians during times of need. The same thing happened when Haiti was hit hard. There are so many more items and shops offering percentages of sales to relief funds on Etsy - search for 'japan relief' to find out what's out there.

drenculture is donating 100% of their non-custom prints to Save the Children

Amanda Aktins is donating 100% of these 2 gorgeous prints to Red Cross

Krize is donating 100% of this print to American Red Cross/Helping Japan

Love For Japan is an Etsy shop created for the sole purpose to raise funds for Japan relief. 100% of sales goes to Red Cross. You'll find handmade and vintage goods here from a variety of Etsians.

Hey Day Handmade created a couple of special listings, like the one above, where 100% of the sales goes to Global Giving Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief.

Honey Pie Headbands is donating 100% of this red hair bow, as well as other red items, to Red Cross.

Polkadot Magpie has 100% proceeds from her Hand prints to go to Red Cross relief.

Scrumptulicious is offering 100% proceeds of their sweet almond cookies to Japan Relief

I have donated moneys to a group of animal rescue organizations, as they really need the extra help right now. Yasmine, of my happyplace blog Cats VS Humans, tweeted this link last night which was a great education on the needs of animals during the tragedy that hit Japan. I added the Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support ChipIn widget to my blog (upper right section), in case others would like to give a little money towards their efforts.
All life is important.

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  1. It's been wonderful to see the art and crafting community come together again to help out.

    Thanks so much for gathering these together, now I know just where I'll be shopping next! Poor Japan, she needs all the help we can offer.


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