my first Chemex experience

oh pretty Chemex
my new Chemex coffee maker!

Chemex at work
freshly ground coffee being filtered prettily

eye see you, Chemex!
here's looking at you!

I was giddy when I picked up my package from Toronto's Green Beanery yesterday. I think I may have even stated something akin to "what is in this box will change my Life forever!". Overstatement? Not if you have a love affair with coffee and with design. Merge the two together, and whammo! You got magic, baby.

Before I get into what the heck a Chemex is, I need to do a big loud shout out to Tammy of Punk Rawk Purl, because it is she who brought this gorgeous piece of glass, wood & leather into my life. Of course, it all started innocently enough, like these things do, by way of Twitter. Tammy thought I was already a Chemex girl - possibly because I come off cooler than I really am on Twitter (I tweet better than I talk). I had no idea who or what a Chemex was, but research finally unveiled the truth.

Chemex is a beautiful way to make coffee. Chemex perfected the way coffee should be brewed. Chemex is  a well-designed apparatus, both aesthetically and scientifically. So well-designed that it is permanently displayed in few museums in the USA. Chemex is the brainchild of German chemist Dr. Schlumbohm, who created this fascinating piece of chemistry & design in New York, 1941.

the wood cuff! the leather toggle! the hourglass shape! the perfect spout! the "belly button"!

I was so thrilled to find a company in Canada where I could order a Chemex from. The Green Beanery is located in Toronto, Ontario, which is only a couple of hours away from me. I nearly squealed with delight when I found greenbeanery.ca during my research. The price was spot on, the shipping costs fabulous; they made it too easy for me to buy it. I even got a box of 100 unbleached Chemex filters, which will keep me going for a few months.

One final thing about this carafe - it has the perfect spout. It pours like a dream. A coffee dream. I'm a little bit in love with this sexy piece of glass. I don't think it'll be a doomed love story, either.
~stylishly caffeinated Caren

I even did an Etsy treasury featuring a vintage Chemex... obsess much?


  1. I knew it.
    I just knew that you were destined to be a Chemex girl. This post is spot on with the history & reasons to love this coffee maker.
    I am excited to see the photos & sketches that you will come up with!

    & Thank you for the shout out! ❤

  2. Oooh I love when things are functional AND aesthetically pleasing. Double win! And it makes coffee so that's pretty much a triple win in my book. I think I might have to look into this! :)

  3. I want I want I want I want!!


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