my Owl Collection

I'm sure I've mentioned my love of owls before, right?
If not, I apologize.
I love owls.
It's a recent addiction affection, this thing I have for these nocturnal birds.
It started with one owl. An owl that was my folks, which I had in my possession for many years, but only recently fell in love with. I realized I had always had a bit of a thing for owls, but never let myself get too invested in their charms.

my first Owl, soapstone
my first owl; vintage Canadian soapstone sculpture.

Fast forward to now. I have, oh, about 14 or so vintage owl figurines in my home. I also have 2 vintage owl linen tea towels, the tackiest owl clock, a funky mirrored owl, a few owl prints. Some owls were brought into my home for a short stay, but others are here for the long haul. 

Here's a photographic visit of a few of my owl friends:

my tacky Owl clock
Tackiest clock, ever? Yes, but also the coolest.

Instax: the Owl Collection
I smooshed them all together on this shelf, but they normally sit in different areas of my apartment.
{an Instax shot to remind myself of my owl adoration.}

Some owls will end up in my Etsy shop (one of them is there currently), but I will always add more to my little nest. As you can see by my previous post, I already added a new owl to my kitchen!
~hooter Caren (yup, I just said that


  1. you have some real goodies there! I will be watching your shop like a hawk... for owls. hehe

    I have collected owls off & on since I was a little kid in the 70's. my Grandmother' best friend had EVERY room in her home decorated w/ owls. & I mean EVERY room. There was an owl toilet seat... no joke.

  2. oh my goodness! you have some really great owls!
    so lovely.


  3. I love owls tooooooooo! Jealous:)

  4. Caren!! You're such a hoooot! I love all your owls (and still kick myself for not buying some at your last yard sale..) how are you luv?!
    Maybe now we can be blog buddies?!


    Missing you!

  5. Mel! sweetiepie! I love your blog; let the blog love begin! I'm probably having another yard sale this spring, perhaps I'll save an owl for you? ;)

    Tammy - I grew up with owls, too! But I never grokked them until I got to be older & wiser. :)

    xox to all you owl lovers!


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