Stickers for Emma

I read a very caring blog post over at Curating Cuteness (Katie is such a dearheart!), which caught my heart and made me want to take part in helping to spread a little joy to a girl who needs every little bit she can get.

Miss Emma is 11 years old and is facing a long & difficult term of chemotherapy to treat a tumor in her head/neck/face. Emma has been fighting the growth of this tumor since she was 10 years old. I visited her mother Leanne's blog My Space, where I learned more about this strong & joy-filled girl and her loving family. 

Mel, the woman behind blog Day to Day, wrote an inspirational post about Emma. Mel proposed the idea of having little care packages sent to Emma during this difficult time, care in the form of stickers! This is such a wonderful, love-filled idea that I immediately went through my old sticker collection to put together a care package for Emma.

I have always loved little things. Stickers were an early obsession, and I actually kept quite a few of my old collection in a brown paper bag. I like to sporadically look through them, as it triggers happy memories from childhood. I didn't have any full sheets left, so instead, I cut out some of my favourites to mail to Emma. Hello Kitty, My Melody, unicorns, kittens, oh my! Also, I had these sweet miniature cards with faeries on them, in which I put one or two stickers inside of. This way, Emma can open lots of little cards!

To mail a little bit of joy to Emma, here is the address:

Miss Emma Love
PO Box 2849
Burleigh Waters, QLD, 4220

Thought: It is so hard to know what to do for the people of Japan during their deep need, it is just so vast and immeasurable! My heart aches for Japan and their seemingly endless struggle to find solid footing after the earthquake and tsunami hit. In some way, to be able to have a face, a name, and the focus of Emma gave me pause to do something to help. It is often in the little things that joy, love, and healing can be seen.

I will offer Japan what help I can, through donations to viable organizations and prayers.
For Emma, I will offer some small offering in hopes it will bring her a moment of joy.
With a heart full of love,


  1. This brought tears to my eyes. What a tough little girl. I think I will go through my stickers as well. I remember how much joy snail mail and small treats brought me as a kid (and even now) really it's the least anyone can do :) Thanks for sharing this.

  2. I too will mail off a care package to emma. I have a giant box of stickers.

    in fact... I have the very same pink camel/peacock/cheetah puffy stickers as you. ( i will be sure not to send those to Emma, no duplicates. hehe)


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