Sunday Smile: a serene corner

A corner of my home.

Above is a corner of my apartment that I really like. I find it serene. There's a thrifted paint-by-number woods & river scene hanging on the wall (in which Astrid & think a unicorn lives), a few big pretty-filled books, my beloved lamp (it was my parents), and two little crystal candle-holders a friend gave me. It's all above my TV, in an attempt of taking the eye away from the big old monstrosity. Seems to work.

I am a bit of a clutter bunny, in terms of having too many books, too many knick knacks, too many comic books (yah, I know, there's never too many), too much shop stock laying about, and too many surfaces covered with everything in between.
I guess what I'm saying is ... I'm messy. I never liked made-up beds or drawers that were all neatly shut. When I enter a home, and all of the tables & shelves are bare but for one item here or there, I get sad. I like to see the daily living & personality of a space.
I am pretty sure I'll never be a minimalist.

All that being said, I also like serenity and cleanliness. Yet, it seems my apartment is always in a state of flux. The one day where everything is where it should & shelves are smiling with sweet memories and the dust bunnies are hiding ... well, that's a Very Good Day indeed.

I am starting to take pictures of corners of my home that represent a Very Good Day: to remind me that I like that feeling & to keep it that way.

That serene little corner of my home makes me smile.


  1. love it! That lamp is just gorgeous.

  2. So purdy -- and I love that paint by number. I need some of that love in my house too... must keep my eye out!

  3. "clutter bunny"... i love this term.

    I am mostly a made-up bed & behind closed cupboard doors kinda gal. that being said... I have neat piles upon trays here & there about the house. i love using trays to store my "working piles" so that I can easily move them about & out of eyes sight.


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