Sunday Smile: sunny pets & bird songs

Sunday peek-a-boo StrongPaw

Sunday sunny Grace

Sunday blue sky Geese

This is my Sunday morning:
Blue skies.
Kittycats peeking outside (but getting scared by sounds & hopping back inside licketysplit).
Puppydogs soaking in the sun and looking like a shiny copper penny.
Canadian Geese honking by up above.

could not get a good shot of Mr. Cardinal, but there he is over yonder!

What started it all was a bright cherry red Mr. Cardinal singing overhead.
Mrs. Cardinal joined in on a lovely morning serenade.
A Blue Jay piped in, screeching over the sweet song of the Cardinals.
Chickadees peeped in & out of the melody.

Nature makes the most beautiful music.
This is a Sunday morning that made me smile deep inside.

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  1. Gorgeous shots!
    I'm always rather partial to some 'sunny pets'! :D


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