Sunday Smile: sunshine & spring

what am I looking at so crazy-eyed?
maybe I thought I saw a badly drawn dancing cupcake?

tree buds of spring
I love seeing the first buds starting to pop out in Spring!

a neglected nest
an abandoned winter nest, waiting for a new occupant.

grace is happy it's sunny, too!
Gracie running free (and amok!) on a sunshiney spring day.

Things that made me smile this day:
Spring thoughts
Happy puppydogs
Watching nature unfold
Thoughts of dancing cupcakes (badly drawn digital ones or otherwise)!

me & my Orla latte
sleepily sipping on a big Orla mug full of latte made me smile, too!
note: no nose ring! I miss it, but am thinking of staying pierced-free.
I enjoy blowing my nose without anything in my way.

I hope a smile reaches you today, too. :)


  1. This post and your lovely photos made me smile! Great post! :)

  2. 1. I love your mug!!!
    2. Gracie looks so happy running free! Wild thing ;)
    3. The dancing cupcake is adorable!!

    Thank goodness Spring is finally here! :)

  3. Your Orla mug is gigantic! I love the idea of an endless supply of good coffee of tea coming from the mug!

  4. agreed on the nose ring issue.. a real drag with a tissue.. tee hee. (for now mine, and all its hanging bits are staying in!)
    You need to come for tea soon.. Astrid may want a couple of my ol' cameras... so bring her! ;o)

  5. Love love looove spring. Every year even more. It makes me wanna jump around like a little lamb in a meadow full of buttercups. Eh, you know what I mean, don't you? :)

    Happy day!


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