Tea and Kittens? Yes, Please!

Randomly came across this site, Tea and Kittens, a while ago. I forgot about it (my memory sucks!). Then I Have Cat tweeted about it the other day, which brought me to a blog called Catsparella  & this post. And here I am sharing this sweet + silly little find with you. And that, mes ami, is how the world wide web works! ;)

It's a combination made in heaven!

Basically, the site exists to bring a smile to bored and/or stressed office workers.
I am not an office worker, but I found pushing the Try Again button, and subsequently viewing a different tea/cat combination quite entertaining ... not sure if I should be publicly admitting that, but there you have it. I like to push buttons & watch images magically change.

The above image was my favourite combo. Shiny dot mug with vintage goodies in behind PLUS a trio of furry little kittens? Yes, please!
I like tea & kittens,


  1. at first glance of this post title I thought you were launching a new blog! hehe
    Tea & Kittens.... it's soooo you!

  2. Omg this is the best site ever! The fact that I'm obsessing about getting a kitten lately, this just made it worse lol Thanks for sharing it!

  3. Oh PS. Mentioned you in my blog post ;)http://blog.juliepudwell.com/2011/03/tea-and-kittens.html

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