The Zoo from a Holga Perspective

Three girls from three different countries took their lomography toy cameras to their local zoos.
One girl, Zoe, who was the first to take a trip to the zoo with her Holga camera, hails from Perth, Australia.
The other, Katie, who used her Holga camera, is from Taipei, Taiwan.
And I'm the third of this trio of zoo trippers. I took my Holga camera to my local zoo in Peterborough, Ontario.

The little zoo in my town is called Riverview Park and Zoo and it is the go-to place for a family outing. It's free, it's open year-round, and it has a park & walking trails surrounding it. It is one of my favourite things about the town in which I live. I hadn't been in years, though, so when Zoe tweeted about her zoo trip with Holga in hand, I piped up that I would like to do likewise. Then Katie raised a hand to join in on the inter-continental fun! So, we decided to blog about our perspective trips to our local zoos.

the Totem Pole at the zoo
the zoo's magnifiscent totem pole!

the Zoo is this big!
the zoo "is this big"!

the Yaks at the zoo
oh, those silly domestic Yaks!

the chatty Goat at the zoo
our petting zoo has the chattiest Goats.

the Reindeer at the zoo
the statuesque Reindeer, antler to antler.

reaching out to the Emus at the zoo
reaching out to my whimsical Emus.

an Emu and a Wallaby at the zoo
the Emu and the Red Necked Wallaby share space.

the Serval cat sitting proud at the zoo
Serval is standing guard.

the Servals at the zoo
happily mated Servals intent on the Cougar next door.

the Serval on the prowl at the zoo
Serval in his prowling mode.

I spent most of my time with the Emu. They are a curious pair of giant prehistoric-looking birds. They followed my every move; wanted their photo taken constantly. They did not like the fact that I was also interested in the Red Necked Wallabies, who live in the same pen.

I also greatly enjoyed the Serval cats - they are constantly on the move, or rather the male is. He prowls the ground constantly or stands guard. I noticed the female was a bit more shy. I was happy to get a shot of the two together!

I didn't get too many shots with my Holga, as it was a quick visit. I'll do a second post with my digital shots to show a bit more of the variety our little zoo has to offer.
And, I will be going back to the zoo much more often now that I have been reminded of its awesomeness!
Also, we three women are pretty full of awesomeness too. It was even tweeted back when we initiated this little global lomographical zoo adventure.
~zoologist wannabe Caren


  1. What a great idea... an international zoo crawl. hehe
    I love zoos! I don't visit the zoos here often enough. I grew up in San Diego where the zoo & the Wild Animal Park have set Zoo standards worldwide. I am spoiled by fancy zoos. ;^D

    I am on my way to check out the other 2 zoo blog posts!

  2. I love the big cats! We have lions + leopards + tigers but usually they are so darn far away we aren't getting any real action :D

  3. We have the Serval, Cougar, Bobcat all in one area - I love to watch them, but also get pretty sad because they obviously want more space to roam in ... and of course, I'm sure they'd love to hunt! (hopefully the squirrels stay far away)
    On top of that, only the Serval cats are mates. The cougar and the bobcat are alone ... they need someone to love!

  4. I feel sorry for the poor emus and wallabies in the snow! They don't belong in snow! Holga really loves the white snow though, all the photos are great!

  5. They all have indoor spaces as well as outdoor ones. I went on sunny warmer days, though, so all the animals were out & about soaking up the sun!
    The Holga does seem to like the sunny snowy days :) Thanks!

  6. Cool pics! Seeing a zoo in the heart of a winter puts a whole different spin on things, it is a bit trippy seeing an emu ankle deep in snow!


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