In a Wanderlust frame of mind...

fabulous print by Linda Ketelhut

Do you ever get into a wanderlust state of mind?
I do. Not often, but it happens.
I wanderllusted my ass off the past few days. Daydreamed about Paris a lot, specifically planned out a trip whilst taking a shower Sunday morning. After talking about my Parisian thoughts with a couple of friends, a kernel of an idea was popped into my head. Hopefully, that little pop will turn into something creative & inspirational ... time will tell (if it does, I promise to share!).

I have put my sweet vintage Etsy shop into Vacation Mode for a while, so that I can focus on Things That Need To Get Done (totally deserves to be capitalized & bolded). Perhaps it's due to Spring unfolding around me, but I am in a cleaning kind of head space. Not just scrubbing the bathroom kind of clean (although I've already done that, thanks to an insect infestation in which I did some wackadoodle bug slaying & subsequent scrubbing), but a total re-organization of my entire home kind of cleaning. I already bought a new desk to help me in that general direction. Next up, more shelving & continuing to rid my space of excess & unnecessary Things (watch for an upcoming HUGE yard sale at the end of May, local peeps!). Also, putting my Etsy shop in Vacation Mode makes me feel like I really am taking a vacation, even though I'm still here in my little apartment.

Wanderlust is an awesome word. It states exactly what it means, no subtext and no misunderstandings. It's simply lusting to wander. I like that in a word.

Are you lusting over wandering, too? If so, where to?


  1. Yes! I am indeed: all I can think about is a desert-bound road trip of epic proportions. Just the thought of warm air, windows down, watching the landscape change out the windshield...I'm just craving it somethin' fierce!

    I hope you enjoy your vacation, it's so necessary sometimes! :)

  2. oh yes. i've got italy on my mind. i just keep dreaming about wandering around, drinking espresso, looking at art, eating delicious food, and soaking in some 'dolce far niente.' it will happen one day. hopefully soon. :)

    france is on my list too...paris, you say? oui, ma cherie. that would be incredibly lovely.


  3. There must be something in the air because I am completely lusting over wandering, and I even blogged about it a week or so ago! I'm not fussy about where we go, I just want to go! But it has to be a proper 'wander', not too much planning or booking, just a car or a train or a bus and plenty of time to explore...

  4. ps. I do hope your travel dreams come true x

  5. ditto my dear. Ever since I've been to europe... its' got me with the 'shakes' to go back, soo intoxicating to walk through history.art.espresso.beauty at every turn.
    Even a 'quickie' road trip does wonders tho.. so I do recommend the 'act' of driving out even for a day to start the process :o) oxox

  6. I feel like I can never focus!! I'm always daydreaming about someeething!!

  7. lets go! I'll pack up Rosco's little suitcase & we will meet you, Gracie, & SP at the airport! xoxo

  8. Yes, I definitely get in the same frame of mind.
    I'm very much like you in that I'm in the midst of a major household clean and reorganisation ... it feels great to do it and is long overdue.

  9. Totally! I'm currently reading the Heidi children's series, and dreaming of the Swiss Alps! I am definitely a mountain girl. Where many people love to go to the beach and stare at the water, I just love the mountains, particularly snow-capped ones!


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