a girl named astrid Giveaway

My favourite blogger (who also happens to be my dear goddaughter), Astrid, is hosting a really really big giveaway to celebrate her 100th blog following!!

I donated some vintage flair to the winnings: a vintage scarf full of flowers (as worn by the lovely Astrid below) & a red white & blue vintage brooch. Also included is a generous donation by Elycia of the delightful Love, Elycia. She offers 3 lovely headbands! Astrid has included April's issue of Lucky magazine (with cover  girl Zooey Deschanel offering fashion advice!) & some fresh make-up!

a few of the pretty pretty things up for grabs!

Oh, and did I mention? Astrid is also including the above POLAROID CAMERA! A handsome Impulse!

Yes. Astrid is giving away a Polaroid along with all the fashionable extras. Truly, a giveaway worthy of much ado!! I wonder if I can enter it, even though I'm sort of a part of it? Hmmm.

So, my chickadees, go on over and enter! You know you want to! (I know I do!)
godmommy Caren


  1. Astrid is your God Daughter?! How wonderful, I had no idea! :)

    I entered! It's a great giveaway! Maybe I'll have a go with that purple eyeliner ;)


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