a Good Friday

Walk Towards

Grace & I took a Good Friday nature walk.
It was extra Good because the sun is shining & I wore my red shoes.

the Sign points the way

The signs tells us which way to go; even the little bicycle people point the right direction!
There could easily be another arrow, pointing to my home which is just a few steps away from this sign.

stalwart Grace

Grace loves it when she gets to go off-leash.
This only happens when no other dogs are around & so she can be a little nutter with no fallout.
She was extra good; keeping guard and looking shiny.

But not as shiny as my favourite old pair of red shoes!

the red shoes on straw

Grace boofs & a pair of red shoes

Grace boofed up a storm when I asked her to dance.
I wish I had gone to video mode, so you could see her spinning & hopping & boofing!

Spring comes alive in Bokeh!

The spring buds were in full force, with pretty bokeh spots swirling around.

A doily in her hair

And I wore my new doily fascinator that Mel of Needle & Nest Design made!
It suits my go-to hide-my-growing-out-hair hat perfectly!
I also got the necklace you see below, which Mel also made (isn't she amazing!?).
It is so very pretty, full of lace & vintage findings. I have named her Bella.

Lace & Vintage necklace

Walk Away

And Grace & I walked home again, with lungs full of fresh air and happy tails tales to tell.

I hope your Easter weekend starts (and middles & ends) as wonderfully, 
finding (or re-finding) the little joys around you as you walk along.


  1. aww there you go again.. being all sweet and shiny. Thanks again! How do you know when i post.. you're on like flash gordon.. or maybe an internet ninja?! love it. love you.
    my bling looks even better balancing on your bossoms... lol!

  2. Mel, my bosoms were made to balance your bling! winkwink!
    And yes, I am an internet ninja(stalker)! I've got mad skills. xo!

  3. You take the most amazing pictures. They make me smile.

  4. Nice post. Cute pup. :)

    ♥ sécia

  5. I wish I had a sweet green place to walk around here, I hate walking on pavement. It looks like you and Gracie had a lovely time.

  6. love the photo of Grace dancing & "boofing"... new fave dog related word. and YAY for red shoes.

  7. Happy Easter!
    You and Grace make the most adorable of walking companions.

  8. Isn't Grace just the cutest??? I hope she gets more off leash time!

  9. What beautiful photos and a sweet story. I absolutely love this post :) :)


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