I felt pretty today.

I wore a vintage brightly coloured Vera scarf in my hair today.
I shrugged on my black eyelet jacket & decorated it with a big Sarah Coventry gold toned brooch.
I put on a swipe of lip gloss to finish it all off. 
I felt kinda pretty after it was all said & done.
So I took some photos a la What I Wore Today style.
Thing is, this is a very rare occurrence - this getting prettified in an effort to go out in some sort of style.

me & my puppydog's feetsies.

This all lasted about an hour. I went out & did my mini errands, came home & almost immediately got into sweat pants, a t-shirt, and an old ill-fitting hoodie. But, for that hour where I had a Vera scarf in my hair, I felt pretty fine.

A moment happened today - y'know, one of those moments that brings a smile to your lips? - when I was at Shoppers Drug Mart. At the check out, the woman behind the counter recognized me as "the girl who always wears pretty brooches". She'll never know just how much she made my day. :)

my head.

I have a big round head & scarves always just slide off of it. I fixed this issue with the use of well-placed barrettes! yay! I thank mygirlthursday for inspiring me to try the scarf-in-the-hair-trick again. It's a great way to hide the icky stages of growing out ones hair, as well as adding a splash of colour to an outfit!

Y'know what's funny and/or sad? I'll probably wear the exact same outfit tomorrow when I have to go out for an appointment. I have a very limited wardrobe.
p.s. today's (April 8th) the last chance to enter the Great Zine Giveaway!
p.p.s. this post was supposed to be posted hours ago... I forgot to hit 'Publish Post'! d'oh.


  1. You are lovely, and I miss you a lot!

  2. aw, Des, thank you! I'll get back to being social ... really I will! (at least that's the eternal hope!)

  3. love this post!! You are gorgeous! & that brooch is seriously giving me *wink wink-nudge nudge*!

  4. You look lovely. You may have inspired me to dig out a scarf (and some hair clips. I have the same slidey hair). How great that someone noticed your brooches, it's always nice when someone appreciates your style.

  5. crazy - I thought you had snuck into my craft corner.. as I have just been making fabric brooches with same 'doily' circle look! Wow.. anywho, you look delightful - as usual. Keep poking your head out.. and hold it high, cuz you're a beauty in and out. xo


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