new blog love... Flashlights and Arrows

My dear chickadees, I felt the urge to share with you a brand new blog a dear friend of mine, Martin, just started up. I am quite smitten with it already, and he only just birthed it a few days ago! Flashlights and Arrows is the name of this wondrous new place to visit, and be immersed in a unique perspective on Life.
Quote from Martin's about page:
"I am a hunter. I have spent all my life hunting.... Hunting for meaning.  Hunting for vision.  Hunting for happiness and purpose.  We are all hunters if you think about it..."
awesome vintage Davy Crockett belt buckle he treasure hunted!

His newest (and totally uniquely wonderful) addition is a Library in which he will share a favourite book at a time, and we can even join in and have it work as an online Book Club. He's started with, fittingly, Robin Hood - a book I do believe I have not read yet (egads!). 

The 'Trophy Room' is a wonderful place to visit, where you can see some of Martin's wicked cool vintage finds (no one is a better vintage hunter than the man behind this blog - believe me! I am jealous of his collection!). Case in point, this wonderful deer head plaque:

There aren't many men doing blogs, and I greatly appreciate Flashlights & Arrows distinctly masculine flavour. It's refreshing, it's intriguing, and it's a wonderful place to visit. I hope you enjoy it as much as I!
~a blog smitten Caren 


  1. Sweet! I love his Hunter Words (can I call them that?)! I'm afraid I haven't read Robin Hood, too, it just wasn't the kind of story I'd love when I was younger. Maybe it's time for a change? :)

  2. I am humbled by your sweet comments! Thanks

  3. I will be following this new blog!!
    Congrats Martin on a unique blog!


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