the one with the flying Polaroid doodle

I doodled a flying Polaroid, from a dreamy little dream I had.
If only all dreams included a Polaroid with wings amongst the clouds above.
Wouldn't that be, well ... dreamy?

i dream of flying polaroids

The inspiration behind this dream wasn't just my love affair with a certain rainbow-covered Polaroid, it's also from Doodlers Anonymous. If you haven't heard of this online doodlers paradise, don't worry, you're not alone. I came across it innocently enough about a week ago from someone's tweet (sorry, I don't remember who tweeted the link!).
Well, after perusing Doodlers Anonymous, I decided to join up and submit my Polaroid doodle (you'll have to scroll down a bit to see my entry, but that's cool 'cause then you can view all the other pretty doodles!).
*update It was Saylor Made (Jeannine Saylor) who tweeted it! And her (awesome!) Polaroid doodle is 2 above mine*
I even did a lil photoshoot of the faux Polaroid coming out of my rainbow Polaroid, 'cause that's how I roll.

i dream of flying polaroids

I like doodling. Doodling is a great way to fill a space of time I would otherwise be daydreaming or twiddling my thumbs. I have doodles in every journal, sketchbook, notebook, and various other paper-related objects. Making faux Polaroids (or as I like to call them, "handrawn facsimiles", is the most fun form of doodling that I do.

flying polaroid - untouched
the actual Polaroid that filtered into my dreams (digitally doodled version)

My weapon of choice right now are my yummy Staedtler Ergosoft crayon pencils. Plus a black ink pen/marker of some sort (usually whatever's nearby). I also love using paper with a grid pattern; somehow I find the grids a happy creative space to draw on/in.

I want to draw more. I want to draw so much that I can then open my own little shoppe selling my own little artwork. The fact that I'm sharing this with you is a big step. I often keep my little hopes & dreams to myself these days, because Life kind of stopped (see previous post). Oddly enough, that previous post has been more helpful than I ever imagined. Even though I am struggling to keep moving, I am taking those first few steps on that new path.

Now, I hope my next dreamy thoughts include kittycats wearing sweaters.


  1. I love this post and the doodle, the photo and the doodled on photo. :)

    ♥ sécia

  2. Lovely! I also submitted a doodle, it appears two above yours (Jeannine Saylor). This is a very sweet sketch & I'm looking forward to seeing you post more of your artwork! :D

  3. :) thanks sécia!

    Jeannine - you're the one who tweeted the link! And your Polaroid doodle is AWESOME! When I first saw it, I got giddy from all of the colourful little tiny Polaroids scattered around the OneStep! wowzas! You're my doodle guru!

  4. Awe, thanks Caren, I'm blushing. It was a fun little project to do and I'm hoping they have many more call for entries like this one.

  5. Neat sounding link and super cute doodle

    I too love drawing on gridded paper... when I get the chance :)


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