a quiet corner with birds on a wire

living room wall with birds

A quiet corner of my apartment. One that I never tire of looking at; exactly this:
  • a corner of my riotous retro couch
  • a glimpse of my vintage lamp (thank you mygirlthursday!)
  • and one of my sweetest pieces of art - Birds on a Wire by the lovely & talented Mel of  Needle and Nest Design.
The Needle and Nest blog is new, but Mel's art & craft talents are not. I've known Mel since the days of Buttercup & Co., where my shop hosted her art. I fell in love with the Bird on a Wire painting and to this day, it makes me feel serene & joyful every time I look at it. It ended up being the jumping point for the colours & feel for the rest of my living room (beautifully unintentionally!).

Please do visit her blog, you won't be disappointed. It's full of her art, her craft, her darling baby girl, her 2 cute & silly kitties, and so much more. Don't believe me? Take a peek!

And for local peeps, you can see her work in person next weekend at the SpringKLE art & craft sale!

Spring + Sprinkle = SpringKLE (I think?)

I know what I'll be doing the weekend of April 15th!

On a sidenote, today was the most glorious of days: the weather spiked a lovely sunny high. I drove my car with the sunroof open (first time this season!), windows down, and happy music blaring. It was the kind of day I wish I had worn a pretty dress for. I saw tulips starting to poke through the earth in my garden today, and started to plan some changes I want to make in my outdoor space. My dog spent most of the day outside, too. This day was a day of warmth and sunshine. Freshly baked tea biscuits as the sun was going down finished the day of perfectly.

I hope you are having some sunny happy moments this weekend!


  1. eeep! My heart just leaped to discover this sweet shout-out.. thanks so much luv! xo

  2. xo Mel! I am ever so happy you came into Buttercup & Co. when you did, and I got to look at your art everyday for a few months; and continue to do so everyday since! :)
    p.s. see you Friday night @ SpringKLE!

  3. oh that little lamp! I had almost forgotten about it. it looks so sweet in your nook Caren! good to know about this event too. maybe G and I can sneak the car from Jesse for a few hours!

  4. that corner is uh-mazing! there isn't one thing in that photo that isn't great. i loooove the art especially.


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