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vintage wall sconce lit up

I picked this wonderfully argyle mid century double light wall sconce at a moving sale this past Sunday. Who has an indoor yard sale on a Sunday? Not many people, so was surprised to happen upon this particularly awesome thrift stop. I was one of their only customers, and they were pretty happy with my love of all their in-mint-condition 1940s-1960s goodies. The woman who originally owned all of the items is now 91 years old, and was "practically OCD" (her daughter-in-law's words) about keeping her home clean.

So, this lamp was the last thing I bought. It wasn't for sale. I told them I had to have it. They wanted $20 for it, I told them $10. I ended up spending $5. One of my happiest thrifts!

I also left this sale with a free working (and finely tuned) 1950s Hoover upright vacuum cleaner in blue. This may change my feeling towards vacuuming (a task created by the Devil). I'll take some pretty pictures of it soon to share!

vintage wall sconce - one light on
it has 4 settings: left light on, right light on, both lights on, off. yay!

Grace aka photo bombing dog.
as per usual, Grace had to get in on the action!

Wall of Nature + thrifted wall sconce
the sconce amongst my Wall of Nature.

My Wall of Nature is another of my favourite spaces in my home. It's full of mostly vintage art & animal figurines (owls, deer, a bear), but also has some new art like the spooned squirrels by Sandra Dieckmann (one of my favourite artists). The console table Grace is standing on has more nature-inspired items - more deer, fox, birds, and my growing collection of vintage Hoselton aluminum critters. I'm constantly switching the Wall around, as I have lots of nature-based art & figurines! It's my happy place.

Oh, and if you look close enough in the last photo, you'll see a set of 3 cross stitched brooches by Zoe of A Giraffe in a Scarf - I created a little home for them to live on whilst not being worn - I used a vintage embroidery hoop & fabric from a vintage floral pillow case to create their nest. :)

happily, Caren
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  1. O, I so love seeing how people decorate with their thrifty finds! I love your wall of nature! Also love Grace's sweet big eyes! :)

  2. Ooo What a fabulous find!! :) Love your wall, it looks so pretty.

  3. Oooo... I'm jealous. That is one heck of a good find. :)

  4. that's a sweet lamp. way to insist on getting the lamp!

  5. My brooches look so happy, all together up there. :) And that lampshade is so fabulous!

  6. That lamp is fabulous! Love your wall of nature, too :)

  7. great lamp, great nature wall.. i admire sandra dieckmann's art too. and that little brass deer you have? does it have a floral pattern etched onto it? i'm pretty sure i have its twin :)

  8. your thrifty finds are great!! next time you need a partner in crime for a thrift hunt, let me know. i'm your girl.

  9. The lamp is amazing - what a wonderful find!! (and such a bargain)
    As a nature lover myself, I love your wall of nature - you have many things I'd like to make my own! ;)

  10. best sconce E V E R !!! omg, I have to have it.
    & I love to vacuum!! If I vacuum for you may I have the sconce? hehehe

  11. Wall sconces are shaped like trumpets at the new year. The shape is very unique and I loved it. This can be a decoration and lighting can be on the terrace of our house.


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