Sunday Smile: Oh Yum!

Oh Yum marshmallows

Late night tweeting will sometimes get you this:
Mocha & Bavarian Cream Marshmallows!
You see, I was craving coffee really late at night, but knew better than to actually have a caffeinated drink before bed. I tweeted my craving, and then Kathy tweeted me, inviting me over whilst she made coffee-infused soap for her Etsy shop Oh Yum. If she still lived in Ontario, I would've taken her up on the invite!
Instead, I ordered a bar of said coffee soap (Javalicious!) and a dozen Mocha Marshmallows.
The package full of yumminess arrived this past Friday & I partook in all of the different scents and tastes over the weekend.
My favourite thing? Dropping a Mocha Marshmallow in my coffee! Next time, though, I'll do it with black coffee. No need for cream & honey when you pop a sweet creamy marshmallow in your java!
See the pretty pink marshmallows? Those are the Bavarian Cream ones! I'll be adding one of those to my next cup of coffee to make it pretty in pink.

I look forward to scrubbing my hands with  the Javalicious soap (above: bottom photo). It has real coffee in it, which is just what the doctor ordered. I can just lather up some coffee soap late at night instead of giving in to my caffeine cravings.
Thanks for all the yummy, Oh Yum, they sure did make me smile!
~satiated Caren


  1. MMmmmmmm looks like we both have food on the brain today... well.. sweet warmth at least! Looks sooo fun! Enjoy. Bring some too.. and visit ;o)

  2. What a fantastic idea. Marshmallows in coffee! I'm sold.

    ♥ www.petiteinsanities.blogspot.com

  3. I am (& always have been) obsessed w/ gourmet marshmallows!! There is a candy shop here that makes them in all sorts of yummy flavors! & I've always wanted to make my own... but never do for some reason. haha

  4. p.s... not sure if you noticed, I linked you in my blog today about vintage finds! ;o) Sneaky like that.


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