the tickling of a Little Penguin

This is exactly what the title says it is: a video of a Little Penguin being tickled.
It's equally as all-kinds-of-cute as the tickling of the slow loris.
What is it with little animals and tickling? Why is it so much cuter than just about anything else?
And why do they enjoy the sensation so?
At the end of it all, there is very little difference between the all mighty human and the little penguins of the world. Except, let's be honest, the little penguin is a heck of a lot cuter.
**Thank you Tammy for letting me know the original video had been removed - I had to replace it with this short 22 second tickle-fest. It's still worthy of adorableness!
~Caren, who's pretty sure she makes a similar sound to the penguin when she herself is tickled!
Warning: do not attempt tickling a cat; this action may be met with sharp teeth and claws.


  1. Well that was about a million times cuter than I expected it to be! So funny!

  2. the video has been removed by the user. :^(


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