Best little neighbour!

Gretchen & her Kitten 

The other day, I happily bumped into my neighbour Désirée (of So Fawned) & her little fawn Gretchen out the front of their house (which happens to be right beside me). It was a sunshiney day, so we chatted awhile outside whilst little G and my Gracie dog played along our quiet street. Even Des's cat Kitten got in on the fun, as seen above.

Gretchen and Grace 
Des's little G and my little G

the Firemen waved at us 
It was fun to watch a fire truck pass us by, and the firemen drove slow & waved at us.

Gretchen & the Fire truck 
little G questioned their not stopping to play with us (so did I!)

Gretchen ... peace!
Such a darling little fawn, don't you agree? I love seeing her grow up right next door :)

This is when you know the warmer weather has hit; when kids start playing outside & neighbours meet up on the street & everything sparkles a little more.
It's nice to have neighbours like Gretchen, who is full of bright colours and smiles and small style.
friendly & neighbourly,


  1. gotta love those pink boots! i want a pair of those.

    ♥ sécia

  2. Aw, brilliant neighbours are the best!

  3. Hi there! I just found your blog and it made me happy! What a cutie your little neighbor is! Our weather is spring like, finally. It will be nice to see our neighbors again!

    Newest follower!




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