a day in my backyard

a day in my backyard, in photos:

backyard blue umbrella

sketching in the backyard
there's an Uppercase magazine hiding underneath my sketching utensils!

sketching in the backyard

Grace is a human-dog
Grace tends to think she's human; I don't dissuade her.

Grace thinking

my backyard
my freshly redone garden path! prettiest natural stone path I ever did see.

Grace in my backyard

grace in the land of pebbles
this is Grace sucking on a pebble, on a blanket of pebbles (her version of heaven)

chickadee in mid landing
I love when the chickadees bounce about me; caught this little guy landing nearby

just thought I'd share my day with you,
it was actually yesterday
but that's not long ago
and I was out there again today,
like I was the day before
and will be again tomorrow
I hope it's not terribly boring of me
to always be in the same place
but I see daily bits of magic
unfold in every new green thing
and in every bird overhead.

Scarlet Tanager sighting!
I watched the glorious Baltimore Oriole for hours; a rare sight to see in my backyard.
xo Caren


  1. Nope, it's not boring. Luv it!!

  2. That bird is gorgeous! There's nothing that colourful in my backyard. Your new path looks gorgeous too.

  3. Just lovely photos ... and Grace is ever adorable. Don't suppose you'd like to create a beautiful garden like that for me? Ha! ;)

  4. Caren, your bird photos are AMAZING! & so is your garden. I would be out there every dry day!

  5. Ooh! Your yard is so pretty, Caren! Gracie is the cutest... human dog ;) I love the picture of the hopping chickadee!


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