a May long weekend in pictures.

Last weekend was a long weekend.
And it was a good one!
It started with a good friend visiting for the weekend;
lots of yummy food was partaken in!
a delightful afternoon spent at The Old Bridge Inn,
where a monkey lamp lit the way
and I got to wear a pretty frock.
I saw Astrid & Alek (my goddaughter & her brother)
for a mere moment, but it was a fun moment!
The rest of the weekend was spent picking lilacs
whilst riding bicycles
and having a run in with a social little kitten
during an evening stroll with Grace.
All in all, it was a weekend filled
with a few of my favourite things!

Gretchen & Grace
Gretchen popped by for a visit, which Grace always appreciates!

I see you, kitten!
peek-a-boo little kitten, I see you!

lilacs & bicycles
happy bicycles!

posing on a pig
photo op! me being silly on a pig!

This upcoming weekend will be showcasing a big yard sale at my place, along with a few good friends (including my neighbour Des of sofawned & Astrid of agirlnamedastrid!). So, if you're a local chickadee, hope you pop by for a boo! There's sure to be the annual tradition of chocolate chip cookies to lure you in.


  1. Ha! That arched back kitty -- so funny!

    (And you look fab on your new mode of transportation!)

  2. yipppee skippy - really hope to get to your sale again! ... p.s. love you - you're such a ham ;o)

  3. You look like you had a wonderful long weekend!

    Rats, why couldn't your sale be next weekend when I'm in town! I wish I wasn't working all weekend, otherwise I would totally make a trip into town! I love yard sales, there is never any good ones around here. I'm so bummed I'll me missing all you lovely ladies' sale! I'm sure you have tons of great items!

  4. Looks like you had a fun weekend. Hope you have a great yard sale!!!!!

  5. I can honestly say that I have spoken these very words:
    "me being silly on a pig"

    there is a photograph of me sitting on a big brass pig in Seattle, & when showing the photo I would say, "oh that's just me being silly on a pig". I will have to find it & scan it for you.

  6. Tammy, y'know I have to see you being silly on a pig.


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