the one with the chatty cat

my blahblahblah cat

I met up with a very chatty cat a while ago, and took some photos of him using a camera I thrifted (Olympus Trip500). We had a great little chat, this black cat & I. He didn't stop talking the entire time I spent with him. Obviously, he is a little lonely. He even let Gracie get up close to him, only to smack her fiercely with a paw (thankfully, the chatty cat did not use his claws).

I hope to meet this talking cat another time during my walks. He's a great conversationalist.

talking cat - hiding

talking cat - afar

talking cat - close

Mr Chatty Cat was pretty shy at first, talking to me from afar, behind a screen of trees. The more I talked, though, the closer he got, until he was close enough for me to pet him & tell him face-to-face what a handsome boy he is. When I left him (taking poor dejected pawed-off Gracie home), Mr Chatty Cat had started a new conversation with another young lady & her pooch. I think this talking cat knows where its at!

I like that my cat, Strongpaw, only squeaks now & then & never ever talks back... except to give me a growly snap when I have to move her off my lap. meow!


  1. adore chatty cats! & what a handsome one you came across.

  2. Cute!

    ♥ sécia

  3. Meow! I'm loving your new blog banner lady.. sweet cuppa tea :o)

  4. Daisy is the only one of my girls who talks back, and when she's in the mood she could chat all day! What a friendly man cat, I hope you see him on your travels again.


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