the one with the deer head & turtle love.

Faux Deer Head (angle)

This was one of my happiest of vintage thrift finds; a faux taxidermy deer head! Ah, sweet faux bois & plastic goodness all in the shape of a handsome stag head! 
He completes my (ever-changing) Wall of Nature.

Faux Deer Head (close-up)
this little fella was made in France, which makes him have an extra je ne sais quoi

Faux Deer Head
there he is, amongst my other deer, a bear, a fox, some squirrels and other critters.

I scored this handsome head at a local fundraising yard sale at the Kawartha Turtle Trauma Centre a couple of weekends ago. I didn't bring my camera to the event, which ended up being somewhat rained out. However, I got the deer head & got to meet a couple of lovely turtles who are permanent residents of the Trauma Centre; both are Blandings Turtles, of which I had never before heard of. Blandings Turtles have a natural smiling face, which I was quite smitten of whilst visiting them.

a Blandings Turtle aka "Ontario's smiling turtle" {source: KTTC site}

You may have read my Buttercup the Turtle post last year, detailing an experience I had with the Centre and a traumatized turtle I found. I have a real soft spot for turtles, and I definitely do Brake for Turtles!

If you're a local Peterborough/Kawartha peep, there is a fundraiser happening on May 13th at the local library called The Art of the Turtle. There will be wine, finger foods, a silent auction, and lots of turtle love going on at the event!

Deer & Turtle Admiration Club Member,


  1. my husband would LOVE that dear head! it's pretty awesome.


  2. OMG, the faux tax. deer is so fun! As a vegan-ist {ooh, that's a fun new name for a more grown up verison of my former die hard Vegan self}...yeah, the dee is right up my alley!

    By the By....I've been ADORING that show Oddities...based on the NYC shop Obscura. It is def on my list of places to visit next time we are in ye olde city!

  3. What an amazing find! And he fits in on your wall perfectly!

  4. I brake for them too! I have even (finally) trained the husband to stop, remove turtle from road, and drive on..!:) I even have a tattoo of a turtle on my ankle.

    Today I was excited to see a box turtle here in KY. I just love them!

    (I also love your ever-changing Wall of Nature Art!)


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