the one with the golden sunset & rainbow

golden sunset - path\\

I ran outside to capture this stunning golden sunset a while ago. It was the most glorious sky I had seen in a while. Pure gold. It started to sprinkle rain whilst I was chasing the sky; which only added to the sweetness.

golden sunset - wires

When I turned around, I saw a dark blue/grey sky adorned with a gigantic rainbow. I was gobsmacked!
I only wish I had a better camera on me when I dashed out the house to take snaps of the sky; I could not get an adequate capture of the awesomeness that was this rainbow - it went from one end of the earth to the other, with a faint double rainbow too! Extreme!

rainbow + trees

rainbow cat - crazy eyes
the crazy-eyed rainbow cat (my Strongpaw) - love how a rainbow landed on her too!

I think rainbows & sunsets are magic,


  1. Oh how Beautiful!! :) Great photos :) Love when you get extra special shots when you're least expecting it :)

  2. Ohhhh gorgeous photos girl! Seriously. Those kind of moments are the best.

  3. Great rainbow!

    ♥ sécia

  4. Such a beautiful gift from the sky! And I think I am falling in love with your cat (by the way, dog too!) :))

  5. thanks for the lovely comments, mes ami! xo!
    Siga - Strongpaw & Gracie return the love! :)

  6. best pic of Strongpaw ever!!
    I can imagine it as a line from a T. Rex song...
    "sipping tea w/ the rainbow eyed cat on a mushroom of whimsy". haha

  7. Tammy, that lyric is purrfect! (SP often looks like she's on a mushroom of whimsy... ha!)


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