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3-tier shelving unit


Blogged about these fab finds over on The Thrift Collective!

I also scored a toy camera I've never heard of before - an Ultronic plastic camera with a Kinetic Optical Color Lens. Came with original instructions, too. In minty condition! Can't wait to play with it and see if has a cool vignette effect.
On a sadder camera note, I picked up a fabulous vintage Pentax camera & used a roll of film over the past week. All the photos were blurred; the focus is broken! I wasn't too broken-hearted, though, because it cost me .50 cents and came with film in it. Still, I took some great photos with it so am sad those moments are lost. I rely heavily on photographs, as I have a poor short-term memory (nonetheless long-term!).

Ultronic toy camera
the Ultronic toy camera, which I will be playing with over the weekend!

It was a nice trip to the thrift shop today. I hardly ever find something good at our local St. Vincent de Paul anymore (since they got rid of their awesome bargain basement), so went in without thinking I'd find anything cool. I left there with a large vintage Blenko glass vase (in aqua!), some copper goodies, 2 neat film cameras, the Sea-breeze fan & that fabulous shelving unit.
Happy vintage, happy thrifting, happy weekend!


  1. I'm in love with the vintage furniture find! It reminds me so much of the concept of "good design" that was popular in the 50's. Love the camera too! Hope you have many good snaps with it! :)

  2. oooh I've never heard of an Ultronic either. I managed to pick up a plastic Franka toy camera the other week - never heard of that one either!
    Sorry to hear about your broken Pentax - that sucks. A film broke in my Mini-Diana at the weekend and we managed to get the film back in the casing but I don't know if it's completely messed up :( Ah the joys of analog photography eh?

  3. I LOVE the shelves! I would just fill it up with owls :)


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