Saturday is for... cats & vintage dresses

my shoes + a happy cat

this is Patience the cat
he is a neighbour's cat
who likes to visit me
and sometimes
he even sneaks into my home
he's a handsome cat
who likes to model
for my ever-ready camera

pretty dress + shoes + happy cat

I wore my vintage dress today
to go to the bakery
and visit some yard sales
I thought I'd take some photos
of my pretty dress
whilst in my backyard
I'm terrible with timer-photos
so my face kept getting cut off
and I'm half hidden by a shrub
but, at least you can see the dress
and my pretty new shoes
oh, and the very handsome cat!
I'm awkward with self portraits
which is why you don't see
'what i wore today' posts here.
(plus I only have 1 pretty vintage dress)

I took similar photos with my new toy camera
and hopefully they will turn out
so I can compare the digital to the film
(I like to do that sometimes)

Happy Saturday!
Happy long weekend!
(to those who have one)

xo Caren


  1. So that's Strong Paw's boyfriend, eh? He is rather handsome. ;)

    Your dress is so pretty!

  2. aw - I miss having cats around - still I have my hamster :)
    I never take photos of my vintage/ second hand clothing. I keep meaning to but I'm bad at taking photos of myself - much better at taking them of other people!
    Can't wait to see the results from your toy camera :)

  3. Sounds like a rather lovely weekend! And a lovely dress to boot!

    I had my first attempt at taking some self timer photos (I'm hoping to get the courage to do some outfit blog posts...) and I gave up after attempt number 53. Your shot looks positively perfect compared to my disastrous attempts!

  4. your shoes are super adorable! i love the colour and have been trying to find some for myself in cognac. those are lovely.


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