Sunday Smile: Dogs really do smile!

Grace hogging the camera

A pug named Harley

A happy Grace!

Grace had a puppy playdate yesterday with a dear friend of mine's (Leigh) pug Harley. Harley didn't take kindly to Grace infringing on his territory. It's understandable, really. Just who does Grace thinks she is, swooping in and playing with his toys & sniffing his butt? Still, they found some time for play.

These photos prove, without a shadow of a doubt, that dogs really do smile. They feel that thing called joy, just as much as they feel sadness (Grace keens in sadness whenever her favourite peoples leave her).

Animals constantly amaze me, with the lessons they teach us, just by being themselves. Humans are "superior" because we are conscious of our existence & can do things like send a rocket ship to outer space or make triple chocolate brownies (okay, that makes us kind of awesome) ... but oh, the simple joys of running free with like-minded friends & having a treat when we've done good, or laying in a sunbeam & falling asleep to the rhythm of a heartbeat.

We get so encumbered by insecurities and thinking into the future (or past) ... it's lovely to be reminded that the good things in life are the simple things, available right now this moment, and only a smile away.

A laughing Grace!
doesn't it look like she's laughing?! such joy!

I hope you find some simple joys today, and everyday! Happy May!


  1. aww, two lovelies.. and their puppies! Happy may to you too sweets, hope its bringing more sunshine into your days. I want to know what Gracie is laughing at too.. :O) xo

  2. Aw, I love this post. So true about humans. May we forget our insecurites and just enjoy the simple things in life. My Pug Bella appreciates those simple things in life. Thanks for writing this post!!!


  3. They sure do! Some of my favorite pictures of my dog are of him smiling. Nothing can quite cheer me up like seeing a super happy dog :) These ones you posted are so sweet.

  4. Hahahaha these pictures are AMAZING!!! :) I love a puppy dog smile!

  5. awesome photos!
    & yes... I am grateful every second of every minute of every day to have a pet buddy around. it's constant perspective as to what is truly necessary for a happy life...
    food, water, love, and a safe/comfy place to snooze.

  6. Beautifully put - I love finding blogs where people really "get" their pets, ya know? *added to Reader*

  7. Want to go out on a dogdate? I'm thinking of heading your way (East City) on the Rotary Trail across the London St Bridge around 4:30 tomorrow.

    There's usually a bunch of well-mannered dogs (and owners) who meet around that time for some bylaw-violating off-leash time.


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