Sunday Smile: Favourites

This Sunday Smile is brought to you by various Etsy awesomeness (favourite things from favourite shops):

This took me forever to do because I don't use my Kitschy Digital Kits (the clothesline & frame decal) often enough. I think I may do this on a regular basis from now on - it's fun to create in a Photosohp playground once & a while! I just need to get my hands on more kitschy kits - or start making my own, if I feel adventurous enough!

I have way too many items hearted on Etsy, and the above selection is but a drop in the bucket. I've got to get me some dullDiamond bracelets soon ... my wrist will thank me when I do! And now that Whimsy & Spice ships some of their goodies to Canada, I may just have to try some of their cookies!
It's enough to make a girl smile,

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  1. not sure if you know how I feel about all things Earl Grey... but this made me sit up & salivate a little.


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