Sunday Smile: flowers for you

flowers for you
I appear to have a cross look on my face, but it was just the sun in my eyes! promise! :)

I picked these flowers just for you!
I hope they make you smile :)
Dandelions and Forget-me-nots make such a delightful combination.

tiptoe through the dandelions
These will be the last dandelion photos of the season, promise!
They're all turning to fluff now. :)

Cat vs Dog - garden installment

Here's my backyard Cat vs Dog episode.
Grace photobombed my attempt at getting photos of Patience (neigbhour's cat).
Below is a shot of Patience winning the photo war, with a worried (jealous) dog beyond!

Cat vs Dog - garden installment

These are the things that make me smile!
p.s. Patience is getting a lot of blog love from me; yesterday's post also showcased him! Sometimes, I think he wants to live with me. I already renamed him Feather (or F-Man for short).  meow!


  1. Your shoes are very cute.

    Plus - do not fall for the cat! It's some kind of evil infiltration plot! I am certain of it!

  2. LOL, aww! Your neighbor's kitty looks exactly like my oldest boy kitty. And I love that it hangs out with your pup!

  3. I love the intrigue between your friends! But I am afraid, as EJORPIN said, there is an evil idea behind, like taking the dog's place and then leaving you, LOL! Anyway, I love those funny small stories1

  4. haha lots of personality shown through your pics! lovely :)

  5. The flowers make a wonderful duo! Great color combinations. It looks like you have a wonderful neighborhood friend.

  6. Your shoes are lovely! And I just adore forget me nots. They have the daintiest little shape.

  7. love the photos, it really feels like a bright and sunny day C:

  8. I think Rosco is suspicious of F-man. haha
    Love the capture of Grace photobombing. that blade of grass upon her snarled lip & her faraway gaze!

  9. Pretty flowers and sunshine! Love it!


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