Sunday Smile: mom ♥

my mom as a young mother
my mom as a young mother to my three brothers, circa early 1960s.

my mom as a little girl
my mom (little one), her older sister & their mother (my grandmother) circa 1940s.

I just came across these two photos of my mom, and felt a moment of wonder.
To see my mom as a mother to my three big brothers - them so young & my mom in her early 20s (looking so sweet in her striped top & shorts, I might add!) - caught me in my heart.
Then the photo of my mom when she was just a little girl with her big sister Ethel and their mom Lillian broke my heart wide open. I don't know why; words aren't coming to me, but I thought I'd share these photos with you on this Day of Mothers.
I am so grateful my mom was born, and that she kept having kids until I was born (the youngest).
Thank you, mom, for being the woman you are, for giving lift to peoples' spirits, for being the listener that you are, for letting me be myself, and all the little things that make you you.


  1. I wanted to share some old photos of my mum too, but I left it too late to organise someone to scan some for me. But I love looking at them too, they're so wondrous! I hope you had a fantastic day with your Mum. (When you move to Australia that's one spelling you'll have to get used to.)

  2. great photos!

    ♥ sécia

  3. Love these. It's amazing to be able to go back generations and see what everyone looked like and wore when they were around the same age. Thanks for sharing! :)


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