Sunday Smile: a Ukulele Girl Polaroid

Polaroid - Astrid plays the ukulele
Polaroid Spectra using Impossible Project's Image film

Saturday was Yard Sale Day here at the chickadee homestead, along with Astrid (in polaroid above), Desiree & my good friend Leigh. It was a pretty big event, with the four of us selling our wares and trying to keep the rain at bay. Pop on over to Astrid's blog to see some sweet photos from our crazyfun day!

I wanted to share with you the Polaroid I took of Astrid playing the ukulele near the start of our yard sale madness. She looked so pretty in her dress & cardigan, sitting on the steps playing the ukelele with Gracie at her feet. (thank you Rebecca for lending me the ukulele - it's an ongoing inspirational device!)

ukuleles & yard sales make me smile!
p.s. the lovely Mel of Needle & Nest Design popped by our yard sale extravaganza & shared her finds (and more) on her blog!


  1. Great photo! :)

    Sounds like the sale went pretty well! :) That's awesome :)

  2. Totally wish I could have been right there!! :)

  3. oooh i missed the uke concert? shoot! Too cute.


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