Updates at The Vintage Apartment

lil helper Grace

Been busy gathering some new vintage goodness to add to The Vintage Apartment;
my apartment is spilling over the edges with the amount of new stock to add!
As usual, Gracie must get in the midst of my photography sessions with the items.
And, as per usual, I end up doing a little photoshoot with her.
She's a smart little cookie; knowing she'll get the attention she wants by photobombing my work!

a trio of vintage cool

some orange & brown drip glaze goodness
1960s-70s orange & brown drip glaze lamp & pitcher

I also redid my banner when I re-opened the shop! I love how it turned out - I used a scanned in a piece of vintage wallpaper to create it (funky fabulous wallpaper that I need to use, but don't know on what!).

Oh, and I now have a domain name for The Vintage Apartment = thevintageapartment.com! I'm not sure if I'll do something else with the domain name, other than pointing to the Etsy shop, but for now it's fun to have!

I also have a couple of sales going on right now in the shop!

The Vintage Closet section is on mega sale until the end of the month! Prices are already slashed 40-50% off! Here's a sampling:

from top left: 1 2 3 4 5

The Clearance Room has tons of slashed prices for you to get giddy over, too! These items will not be renewed once they expire. There's a miscellany of things to take a peek at there, from housewares to fashion!

I'll be adding the new stock over the next few days, so stay tuned!
vintage giddy,

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  1. Pay day, come faster!! So many great things!!


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