Yesterday, I went out into nature for a little bit; needed to fill my lungs with fresh air & take my pup for a much-needed play. Gracie had a terrible Grand Mal seizure the night before last - she crawled into bed with me (I was napping) and cocooned herself next to me before she started to seize. So heart-breaking, every single time it happens (thankfully, it's occurring less oft). The next day, she needed to kick up her heels paws a little bit, hence the need for an outdoor adventure.

I had woken up very early yesterday. Before 6am, in actual fact, and I had no reason to wake up so early. I didn't waste the time, though, and immediately went into wake up mode. I listened to the robins wake up the neighbourhood; it always seems to to be the robins who pipe up the earliest.

I spent my early hours doing a little bit of everything, including taking a pair of scissors and cutting up an old hoodie of mine. I chopped off the hoodie & the sleeves. It didn't fit me any more, but I always liked the comfort of it, so decided to do a quick & somewhat messy edit of it so I could wear it out that day. Then I wrapped an extra large shawl (folded into a triangle) over my shabby t-shirt & tied a ribbon around it, empire waist style. Basically, I made the outfit I wore that day (not necessarily very fashionable, mind you, but oh so comfy!). Makes me want to get the sewing machine out, dust it off, and start making things!

self portrait 05 04 2011

little girl hunts

During my walk, I bumped into a lot of fellow nature & dog lovers, which is always a lovely thing.
Two little girls came up to me, wanting to meet Gracie, but Grace was more interested in eating fresh green grass than chatting with them. The girls' caregiver & I chatted awhile, after she showed me the (not so) hiding spot of a Mourning Dove's nest. I would never have seen the pigeons in their nest if they weren't pointed out to me. I'm usually quite good at picking out birds & other critters from afar, but these birds really do a good job of blending in with their environment (and yet, so openly!).

nesting Mourning Dove
Do you spot the pigeon? From afar, you wouldn't even notice her amongst all the grays!

nesting Mourning Dove
Isn't she lovely? I adore Mourning Doves (I call 'em Love Doves).

yin yang dog & cat

Yesterday was a pretty good day, all in all. I got to see a good friend (we ate yummy Korean food together & chatted about Paris), I did some design work, made some decisions about my near-future, and found my cat & dog in a precarious yin yang position on a couch together. Seriously, Strongpaw & Grace, when will you figure out that just because you can't see one another, doesn't mean the other isn't there? (I love how pissed off Strongpaw looks)

I hope your yesterday (and today) had some memorable moments, too!


  1. love your face.. soo cute! Wish I could see your 'mad-cropping' shirts re-vamp tho.. was the curly blonde there named des? Looks familiar...
    Have a beautiful weekend sweets!

  2. This was so lovely to read, Caren, I wish I had a green place to walk to. Pavement doesn't inspire me to get outside.

    I love the last photo! Poor Strong Paw is just trying to enjoy her blanket!

  3. :( aw Gracie. One of our dogs has health problems of her own, similar to seizures. She has 'pain spasms' due to a neurological problem where she makes these awful sounds and scratches the air.

  4. Poor Gracie! I'm glad she has such a concerned mama, though! We had a foster pug who had them and I appreciate anyone who can just be there and help them feel better about the whole situation! <3

  5. LOVE this photo of you pretty pretty lady!
    & omg... I love SP's face in that photo. hahaha


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