the Carnival via Holga

carnival carousal  

A couple of weeks ago, the Carnival was being set up in my nearby park.
I immediately put a roll of film in my trusty yellow Holga & took off in search of fun!
I love watching the rides being put together; unpacked & set up.
It's just a touch eerie, the Before the Carnival Opens time period;
not as creepy(cool) as the taking down, though.
I check it out every year, and never get tired of the sights.

These are a few of my favourite shots that I took that day with my Holga.

carnival planes & numbers

carnival setting up ride

carnival fun house
the back of the Fun House (which I prefer to the front!)

carnival scooter sign
"SCOOTER" - love this sign!

carnival cars
I wanted to jump over the railing & sit in the little cars, but I didn't.

Hop on over to Astrid's blog post about how she and her mom snuck in after hours to do a photoshoot at the Carnival! Such fun!

with Holga & Carnival 


  1. Great shots with the Holga - these cameras are perfect for carnivals and fairs!

  2. Oh I love these!! I really want a Holga to call my own.

  3. These are really wonderful - great colours!

  4. I adore this post! I must make it to a carnival this year to snap some photos, eat some cotton candy, and whirl on the rides.

  5. Really Cool Set! Great Work!

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