Love Tea

love tea 

This is the word I see at the bottom of my new mug.
How sweet is that?
It makes teatime even that much more special.

love tea - for me 
{tea for me}

love tea - for you
{tea for you?}

I got this special mug from Stepanka Ceramics. I have been a longtime fan of Stepanka's work, and when I saw this cupcake mug I swiped it up immediately. It is my favourite thing. It makes everyday start with a little love and cupcake - what could be better?

I'll probably have to get another of her mugs, perhaps one with question marks at the bottom?

or, maybe one with a purple bicycle & the word travel?

The options are there, my chickadees! 
Stepanka has other goodies in her shop, including her whimsical wall pillows, which I own one of, as well - but that's another post!

Have a tea & love-filled day!


  1. One more time you got me! I have a crazy passion for collecting mugs and cups :) So if my man will complain about getting some new ones, I can "blame" you maybe?!. Maybe not, I am glad you sharing your LOVE!!!

  2. That's so cool!!!
    I have a mug problem already.... oh well what's one more ;)


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