the one with the cats in bars

I came across this blog post via So Fawned's post 
(it's the way we bloggers like to travel; by linkyloos!) 
and just had to share the awesomeness that is 
Cats in Bars with you chickadees, too!

All feline fancy photography is by Amsterdam-based photographer Martijn Savenije

Don't you wish you had bars (and shops) to go to that had kitties there to greet you?
I'd probably be less of a hermit & actually go places if cats were allowed to hang out in my local cafes, restaurants & bars. On the same topic, I wish these places would let my pup Gracie visit their locales - once again, I'd probably go out more!
I remember when Gracie was just a wee little pup: she was allowed EVERYWHERE. No one would refuse her. She was smuggled into bars, cafes, retail shops, even a few restaurants. Rarely would someone turn her away. But, when the puppy shine wore off, and rules & regulations about dogs got stronger, no more Gracie visits.
It was so nice that when Gracie was a pup, I worked at a local independent doggy boutique shop - so, she came to work with me everyday and got to meet tons of dogs (and people). Then, I opened my own shop (an eco-chic boutique called Buttercup) and once again she could come to work with me! What a lucky dog. I hope, if I ever work outside of my home again, that I can find a place/space that would allow Gracie to come to work with me. Bonus points for having a cat on the premises.
I can never see myself working somewhere that doesn't have a fur baby to hang out with. I got spoiled with my last few jobs; I can never go back again!


  1. I don't have pets where i live, but i have a kid :) Surprisingly same is happening, before everybody wanted to kiss or hug him, giving loly pops, and now they just rolling eyes: "oh, no! another noisy big boy!" :))

  2. Agreed! Pets should be everywhere!! :)


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